A warranty usually has two different components to it. There is generally a labor warranty and/or a material warranty. Most companies mark up their costs 45-60% which takes in consideration for labor, materials, manage, overhead, profit and a warranty fund. Our new business model only takes into consideration a manage fee for markup a savings to you of 15-30%. In this new model you are only paying wholesale cost for labor and materials therefore you save the cost of an extended warranty! Most of the time when the project is managed properly anything that is going to go wrong with the labor performed generally happens within the first year. We offer and industry standard 1 year labor warranty that is backed by the labor vendors that work on your project. Every labor vendor is required to back their labor 1 year in this industry. The money you will save by having a 1 year warranty most often will take care of any issues that come up after year 1 and more. Some materials and/or products carry a manufacturer warranty that differs with each individual manufacturer. See example here Anderson Window Warranty . We will work with you to make sure that the labor and material warranties are honored by the specific vendor.

We offer options for 5, 10 year and lifetime labor warranties for purchase! Ask for details on your project.

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