Conceptual Architectural Design

Conceptual Architectural Design

The right funding, through set of plans, detailed scope of work, wholesale product costs and the right re modeler are the five key ingredients to a successful project!

Architectural Services Have you ever thought how time consuming it is to explain how your project will look and what it will include to each contractor? Before investing your money in just a set of architectural plans that are permit ready, consider purchasing one of our services below! They will show you the concept, scope of work and wholesale cost for your project. Most Illinois architectural firms are excellent at design but have little concept of the actual project costing. Many people wonder how to get a set of home addition plans and at the same time truly understand their home addition costs. We excel in all of these areas!

You will be able see how your project will look, what is included in it along with the total wholesale cost. It is a great value at a fraction of the cost that you would pay for a set of architectural plans. We duplicate the bid package for you to email and/or hand out to your bidders. It contains all the pertinent information that any bidder needs in an easy to understand format. The bidder only needs to visit the project site, get the package and view the pre-existing conditions. If you are applying for a loan to do your project this package is exactly what the lender needs to appraise your future property value. Architectural Bid Package services start as low as $100.00!

#1 Discovery Retainer Option: An interview to understand what your goals are for the project. Measurements will be taken, utilities studied along with photos as we look over the pre-existing conditions of your property. All this in preparation for a preliminary estimate to discover if the project can be done hopefully within the investment level you are considering. Next, we will prepare and send you a digital copy on an excel spreadsheet showing all the labor and material costs which will be within 5% + or- of the actual costing. This will give you the ability to send bid requests out to other bidders for pricing. This is the best way to get an apple to apples type quote. Armed with this information you can either opt-out of doing the project, adjust the scope of the project or adjust your budget. This process allows you to make an educated and rational decision about your project. This will give you some answers without committing to a large cash outlay.

#2 As built Floor Plan(s) Option: Company will measure and prepare the existing floor plans showing the pre-existing conditions. Included is an emailed digital copy of the plans that can be printed and/or emailed. As Built plans start as low as $500.00

#3 Conceptual Plans Option: Company will prepare plans so as to show the full intent of the proposed project from a 2 & 3 dimensional photo quality perspective. These plans are not ready for permit (for permit ready plans add-on option #6). This includes up to 2 hrs. of revisions that the buyer(s) may need. Included is an emailed digital copy of the plans that can be printed and/or emailed to the bank for appraisal and/or any contractors to obtain bids. Conceptual plans start as low as $500.00

#4 Scope of work Option add-on: Once the plans are completed then Company will develop and review with buyer(s) a detailed list of all the items included in the project by description, unit, quantity and costing. Included is one emailed digital copy of the complete scope of work on an excel spread sheet ready to use or hand out to the bank for appraisal and/or any contractors to obtain bids. Scope of work data starts as low as $100.00

#5 Product selection Option add-on: Company will arrange for a designer to help you with your product selections. Items, style, colors, textures to name a few. Also giving you the ability to buy at our discounted pricing for product which will save you money. Product selection starts as low as $250.00.

#6 Permit ready Plans Option: Company will prepare the conceptual plans to be permit ready, including as many revisions and printed copies that the building dept. may need, plus 5 additional for copies additional use. Also an emailed digital copy of the completed plans. This option is either for making option #2 permit ready or starting from scratch. Permit ready plans start as low as $1200.00

#7 Permits, Surveys and Bonds Option: Company will prepare and apply for the building permit on the buyers behalf. Once the actual permit(s) is/are secured, and then buyer(s) will pay for permit fees. Permit, survey and bond services start as low as $650.00.

#8 Inspection: onsite inspection during and/or after construction, includes written report of progress and findings. Priced per visit $125.00!

#9 Engineering/Variances: surveying, plats, topo’s, septic, variances and other services as needed. Ask for a quote?

#10 Material savings: a service that lets you buy at the same wholesale costing that we buy at. We provide the vendors and pass on our discount to you. You will be working with the vendor rep to choose your product(s). Material savings start as low as $350.00.

#11 Photo quality renderings: 3 dimensional photo quality images of the complete project floor plans, elevations and interior shots of important areas. Used for marketing and /or showing to others. Photo quality renderings start as low as $250.00.

#12 Health Dept.: Company will work with the health dept to get the plans approved for permit application.

What’s Included in a typical Architectural Bid Package:

1. As many design meeting’s as needed
2. Zoning and code research needed for an Illinois Remodeling project
3. Complete set of concept drawings to show floor plans, exterior & interior elevations, 3D views
4. Complete scope of work which shows unit costs for every item included in the project with wholesale pricing
5. Material & Fixture allowances
6. Digital photos of existing conditions
7. Multiple copies all in emailable formats
8. When you have us build your project a portion of the Architectural Bid Services fee will be credited back to you!

Work one-on-one with a qualified Architectural designer that not only knows design but plans the project based on your budget!

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