Here’s How you Can Help

Here’s How you Can Help

Here’s How you Can Help

, Remodel-Partner, Inc.
, Remodel-Partner, Inc.

The sort of information that is helpful includes:

1. Come up with an investment level that is comfortable!
2. Have a copy of your current plat survey ready for the 1st consultation
3. A written list of your needs and wants
4. Describe items that you wish to include in the design like rooms, sizes, kitchen appliances, cabinets, etc. New ideas visit product selection
5. Pictures of other projects with notes describing what you like
6. Any other information about the project
7. View more ideas see project pictures
8. Get a head start on products you like!
9. Let us know what you do not like
10. Go green page for environmental friendly ideas

Below find some other thoughts you might want to think about!

How long do you plan on staying in your house?
Do you know what year your home was built?
Do you have any existing plans for your house?
How did you hear about Remodel Partner, Inc.?
Who referred you to Remodel Partner, Inc.? Did something they said stand out for you?
Can you briefly describe the project you have in mind?
Is there anything you would like us to know before we continue? About you, your family, your home your expectations?
How long have you been thinking of remodeling or building?
When are you thinking of starting your project?
Do you have an ideal completion date?
Do you have plans for your project yet?
Are you trying to stay with a certain investment amount?
Are you planning on financing or by some other means of payment for your project?
Are you in need of financing ideas?
Have you done a remodeling project before? How did it go for you?
Have your done any research on your project?
Are you looking for rough estimate or a fixed price for your project?
If you decide you want a firm estimate, do understand what must happen in that process?
What are you looking for in a contractor?
Are you planning on hiring a carpenter or a professional remodeling company?
Are you talking to other contractors about your project?
Is there a reason you haven’t already chosen a contractor you’ve met with?
Is there something you were hoping for in a contracto that you’re not finding?
How will you decide which contractor you will partner with for your project?
When the project is finished, how will you determine if it’s been successful?

A well thought out, detailed plan will save us a lot of time and you a lot of money and aggravation. It becomes the most important form of communication we will have. You will have fewer delays, changes and cost overruns because everyone knows what to expect in advance.

"Help is always just a Call, Click or Text away."