Features & Benefits, Remodel-Partner, Inc.

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits, Remodel-Partner, Inc.
Features & Benefits, Remodel-Partner, Inc.
Features & Benefits, Remodel-Partner, Inc.
Features & Benefits, Remodel-Partner, Inc.
Features & Benefits, Remodel-Partner, Inc.

Features & Benefits

The Features & Benefits When Doing Business With Illinois based Remodel Partner

Finding the right company today can be hard. You want to be able to put your trust in a company to help find the right funding, architectural design and build the project of your dreams. We wish to earn that trust from you! Below find some of the reasons why we continue to earn trust and respect from our clients. Remodel Partner an Illinois Room Addition Contractor!

Features & Benefits of the new Remodel-Partner business model:

F – You become a partner on your own project
B – We work together as a team to complete your project

F – Deal directly with John Angel throughout the complete project
B – You will not be passed from one dept. to another, only one person to deal with

F – Buy all services and products at true wholesale costing
B – You will buy at our discount

F – Open book policy (is the key to understanding where your money is going)
B – You will make all the payments to the vendors with my direction

F – Low overhead that saves you money!
B – I do not have a showroom or other overhead that you will pay for.

F – The ability to save 50% of every dollar we can save on the project costs
B – I negotiate all pricing with the vendors saving you money

F – Professional help finding the right funding
B – I have several good sources to help you work on your funding

F – We accept all major credit cards
B – For your convenience you may pay right on line

F – We will beat any competitive price by $1000.00 see details
B – You will receive my expertise to help you compare your other quotes

F – One on one Architectural design help working at a pace that is comfortable for you
B – I am very proficient at helping you design your project so it best fits your needs

F – You initial design and scope of work are free!
B – This will give you the ability to see what your project will look like and cost at no cost to you, other than time.

F – We offer architectural bid package services
B – These will help you get apples to apples type bids or help you determine the new appraised value of your property

F – Product selection help with a qualified designer
B – You can work directly with my wife and myself to help you choose your products

F – Permit acquisition and inspections handled
B – I handle all the permits and inspections so you do not have to be bothered

F – All negotiations with the vendors (including sub-contract agreement, licensing and insurance certification)
B – You do not have to deal directly with any of the vendors. I will make sure they all have agreements, proper licensing and insurance that is specific to your project for your protection.

F – Coordination of vendor payout’s and waiver of lien control
B – You will make all vendor payouts, I will monitor all invoices and waivers for payment.

F – Vendor payout control (you write all the checks to vendors)
B – You will control all the payouts with my guidance

F – Peace of mind that the project will be done quickly and professionally using quality products
B – I have many years of expertise that will insure that your project will be done professionally with quality products.

F – Full time project management by John
B – I manage the project on a daily basis either by jobsite visit and/or communication with the vendors as needed.

F – We keep a clean project site
B – Broom swept and debris hauled away in a timely manner. I monitor safety and cleanliness on a continual basis.

F – Take pride in having a project like an Illinois Room addition that will match your existing building down to the smallest details
B – It’s the small details like copying the roof style, trim, finishes etc. that will make you proud.

F – Get a complete digital photo record of the projects step by step process.
B – I keep a digital record of the complete project.

F – 1 year labor warranty included
B – The labor vendors pass on their 1 yr. warrantee as required by their agreement. There are also manufacturer warranties that they pass on to you.

F – The only company to guarantee your project cost will decrease and not increase as it progresses!
B – My new business model assures you that your price will decrease and never increase unless you add something. This gives you the security of knowing that you do not have to worry about unexpected increases.

F – Buy additional 5, 10 year or Lifetime labor warranty (over the already given 1 yr.)
B – You may purchase additional warranty at time of purchase. Companies that give you a warranty longer than the industry standard 1 yr. are charging that in their overall price. This gives you the ability to make your own decision as to how long of a warranty you would like.

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